STARTING OVER – Escape to Nowhere Challenge Blog

Thank you for stopping by to check out my story!   Starting Over is based on the ‘Escape to Nowhere Challenge’ by Misty found here at MTS.   Starting Over is the precursor to my current blog,  New Beginnings  which picks up where Starting Over ends.

About the Challenge:  The gist of the challenge is your sim and their three children flee from a bad situation and start out with very little money and nowhere to live – hence “Escape to Nowhere”. This is a fun take on many other ‘rags to riches’ challenges but isn’t a legacy that goes many generations. In fact you are supposed to accomplish your goal in 60 sim days!

As in all other types of these challenges, you start with little money and are restricted as to where you can live and how you can earn money during the different phases of the challenge. The twist here is you are also faced with a series of daily random events to deal with – some good and some very stressful. This is the part that intrigued me to do the challenge and the fact that is is a fairly short one. The ultimate goal is for your sim to eventually save up enough money to buy their own home for their runaway family in 60 days.

I took a liberty with the events and made it a 30% chance of getting one event each day instead of absolutely having an event each day as the challenge is written since I have never done this before. The seasons are set to 7 days each. With that my story will represent just over 2 years in my sims lives. I turned off occults and zombies and opted out of the celeb system. It’s a real life story.

I am using a couple of mods to help me out as well:

  • Relativity – to make the time for each day 50% slower
  • Pregnancy mod – to lengthen the amount of time a sim is pregnant to closer match the speed in years
  • No food buying from the refrigerator – If your sim doesn’t have the required food in their inventory or in the refrigerator you cannot make the meal. Period. So no free cereal or yogurt!

Each chapter will be one sim day and coincide with the dice roll which will be listed at the beginning of each chapter.  Enjoy!  ❤